Dodge Caliber Rumor on its Way Out

2011 Dodge CaliberThe Dodge Caliber was meant to be a replacement to the reasonably popular Dodge Neon of the past, but in its few years has failed to live up to that title. Rumors are swirling that Chrysler Group will cease production of the Caliber in late November, just before Thanksgiving, and that a new compact car based on the Fiat C-segment will take its place in the future.

The Caliber was a good car, reliable and had many features that buyers were looking for. Unfortunately that was also its downfall. The chunky styling, and SUV-like body style never really caught on in the compact world. The idea sounded great at first. The size and proportions of an SUV with the nimble handling and fuel economy of a compact sedan, but buyers realized the merger just didn’t have a practical application.

Rumors that its replacement will be based off the Fiat C-segment seem highly likely, and could provide a nice boost for the Dodge market. When complete the new compact Dodge should be able to get over 40 miles per gallon using Fiat’s four-cylinder MultiAir technology engine. Further rumors suggest an SRT high-performance model could come in the following years.


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