Chrysler Gives Back to Local Community

As one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history passes, and with millions of American’s still out of work, it is nice to see major corporations giving back to local communities.

Fresh off a government bailout, the memories of struggling to provide a daily meal for their families is still fresh on the minds of many Chrysler employees. It was those memories that inspired them to give back. This year 10 Chrysler vehicles arrived at Lighthouse of Oakland County, a social service agency in Detroit, MI. These vehicles were loaded with hundreds of cans of soup and veggies, boxes of muffin and pie mix and boxes upon boxes of stuffing, and thanks to Sysco and Crowne Plaza in Auburn hills a refrigerated truck was able to store hundreds of turkeys.

In addition to the food donations, the Chrysler Foundation was able to donate $10,000 to buy 900 turkeys. All together, the food and money donations will help to feed 12,000 people over Thanksgiving in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Washington DC.


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