Nautical Jeep Wrangler Concepts

Jeep Wrangler Nautic WhiteFor the Paris Boat Show Jeep has done something a little bit different. The company partnered with French design firm Style & Design to create two nautical themed Jeep Wrangler concepts. What came out of this partnership were two very unique cars, that part ways with the traditional rugged off-road feeling of a Wrangler but are still pretty awesome in their own right.

The focus is being put on the Wrangler Nautic White, which is inspired by the world of sailing, and offers “all the comfort, design, and elegance of a sailing boat,” that according to Jeep themselves. This edition features heavy use of white leather including on the steering wheel, seats, spare tire cover, and pretty much everywhere. Aside from the brillant white paint color that covers the entire exterior, including the bumpers and side rails, the most striking feature is the use of “deck-finishes” through out the car. Most of the traditional wooden surfaces have been upgraded to give them a deck-finish (more or less a teak look). The use of this wood extends to the rear cargo cover and side rail steps to complete the sail boat look.

While this Jeep isn’t going to be puddle jumping or mountain climbing anytime soon it does stand out in its own right and should anybody want to replicate it, the car would perform nicely as a daily driver in sunny beach communities a la San Diego or Miami.


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