2013 Dodge Dart Adds Wireless Charging Capabilities

Dodge Dart Wireless ChargingDodge is putting so much technology into the 2013 Dart, there is no way it should be starting at the $15,995 price that Dodge has set. Just today the company announced a new piece of technology that will be featured in the Dart, something that no other auto manufacturer has done yet…wireless phone charging.

Wireless phone chargers have been around for a couple years now, and even though they aren’t incredibly popular yet, they do offer a lot of convenience especially in a car.

The system has two components: a mat, which gets plugged into a power source and a device case. The car system works exactly like the current PowerMat wireless chargers, once the mat is plugged in and the case is on the device, just place the device on the mat, and it starts charging.

Mopar says the addition will be a dealer-installed accessory, which should start at $199.99. That price tag gives buyers the charging mat, and a compatible device case. Chrysler says that the current system will “charge iPhone, Blackberry, MP3 Players and Droid-based devices,” and that supplier JVIS-USA will produce custom fit cases for nearly any current smartphone.


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