Two Chrysler Group Models Earn Ward’s 10 Best Interiors Awards

This is only the second year that WardsAuto has given the award for the ten best interiors, but the because of Ward’s long history and highly regarded opinion the award is one of the most coveted in the industry. This year’s list is made up of four luxury vehicles, three compact cars, a cross/utility vehicle and a fresh take on a German icon. Overall the WardsAuto editorial staff tested over 40 vehicles this year and chose only 10 winners. The winners this year are:


  • Audi A7
  • Chevrolet Sonic
  • Chrysler 300 Luxury
  • Dodge Dart
  • Hyundai Accent
  • Hyundai Azera
  • Infiniti JX35
  • Mazda CX-5
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Volkswagen Beetle


“We saw a tremendously diverse group of interiors this year, and it’s obvious to us that auto makers are pushing their design staffs harder than ever for interiors that are beautifully appointed, well-equipped and extremely comfortable,” saysWardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter.

“There are too many great interiors in the market for any auto maker to think it can stand pat with its current interior offerings and remain successful,” he says. “Based on some of the vehicles we have seen at recent auto shows, we can tell the competition among interiors will be fierce in the next few years.”

Ward’s praised the Chrysler 300 Luxury’s interior, noting the tan-and-brown color scheme which uses Poltrona Frau leather and deep-grain satin-finish wood on the doors, dash and center console. Wards actually said, “If Bentley sold an affordable family sedan, it would look like the 300 Luxury.”

Coming out later this year, after a decades long break, the Dodge Dart is already making a new name for itself in the auto industry. Wards mentioned the Dart’s luxury features, which are made available at an affordable domestic price. Editors noted the heated steering wheel, aggressively bolstered front seats, Nappa leather, navigation, dual-zone climate control and a 7-inch display that is reconfigurable.


You can learn more about the all-new Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 300 Luxury by visiting our website at


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