Jeep J-12 Concept: Grandpa’s Fishing Truck

The new Jeep-12 might seem like your grandpa’s fishing truck. Well that is the exact path that Kyle Evans, the J-12 designer, was going for. Memories are evoked from just sitting in the red, white and plaid cabin to the overall look of the Jeep.

The J-12 can get to nearly 40 miles per hour on hard-packed gravel and still able to move with confidence. The J-12 is able to move with ease and handle harsh impacts from bumps and drop-offs that exceed 10 inches in height. For those of us who like to get our vehicles dirty the J-12 is possibly the best vehicle for the job.

Whether you are planning to go fishing or just take a lazy day through the city, the J-12 has you covered.


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