Could Chrysler Have Plans to Revive the Small Truck?

In recent years, one category of vehicles has had an especially hard time. The small truck has generally seen a steady decline both in terms of sales and overall interest. Chrysler recently cut the Ram Dakota as a consequence of this trend. Let’s face it, most of us may only really need a truck a few time a year if even that often. And with people looking to save as much money on vehicles and gas, sales have shifted towards compact cars and more fuel efficient crossovers.

But many believe that there is about to be a rising demand for small trucks again soon. With the baby boomer generation sending their kids off to college and looking to downsize, the expectation is that many full-size truck owners will be looking to downsize but without losing the convenience and image of owning a truck. With this in mind, Chrysler is considering a new small truck. More efficient and practical than before, this truck would appeal to both the baby boomers looking to downsize and the young males who generally tend to favor the truck image.

Keep an eye out for more news on this in the new future. You will be sure to see them at the Cumberland Chrysler Center inventory lot once available.


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