Ram Long-Hauler

What originally started out as more of a show of force and a dream of what could be, may be realized as an actuality if the Ram Long-Hauler goes into production. Last year, Ram came out with a concept truck so enormous that it could not even fit on the stage of the company’s national dealer meeting in Las Vegas recently. But if Fred Diaz, President and CEO of Ram, has his way, this truck will soon be available to anyone who thinks they can handle 9,200 pounds of glorious truck!

This truck, with its 197.7 inch wheelbase (larger than most vehicles are bumper to bumper), 24 feet of overall length, weight of over 4.5 tons, and 37,500-pound gross vehicle weight rating, would undoubtedly be the largest passenger truck on the road! Swallowing normal passenger vehicles for breakfast, this beast has a 170 gallon diesel fuel tank. To put that into perspective, it would take four Mini Coopers, with their trunks completely full of diesel fuel, to carry that many gallons.

The proposed engine for this behemoth would be a 6.7 liter Cummins diesel. While it may not be for the average commuter, this truck would most likely be sold to customers that would otherwise buy a Class III or IV chassis. The four-door Long-Hauler would definitely be more comfortable than anything it competes against, judging from the interior pics.


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