Jeff Dunham and Project Ultraviolet SRT8 Challenger

2012 Dodge ChallengerChrysler wanted to put together a SRT8 Challenger for the SEMA auto show on about 6 weeks’ notice and they wanted the help of a celebrity/car enthusiast. The car had to look sweet at the end of the project and the celebrity had to be willing to put together a series of webisodes showing the build and leading up to the final reveal at SEMA.

Well it must’ve been Chrysler and SRT’s lucky day because they stumbled upon Jeff Dunham, ventriloquist/comedian/car lover/ Mopar fan and Los Angeles resident. Jeff agreed to help with the build on such short notice and just released the first webisode showing the beginning stages of the project. I won’t give away too much, but in this episode they go over some design concepts, buy a brand new, 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 with a 6-speed manual, and proceed to “break it in” with what we can only assume is a cloud of tire/transmission/engine smoke! We just love the way the SRT8 echoes the looks of the classic 1970 Dodge Challenger. Check it out and stop by Cumberland Chrysler to see the Challenger SRT8 for yourself.


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