Dodge Dart Aero is a Green Car of the Year Finalist

It seems like anything that happens in the “Green Movement” is in some way connected to California and Los Angeles. Next month, the L.A. Auto Show is opening on November 30th and one of the primary events going on at the show is the Green Car of the Year awards. This award ceremony has been going on for the past seven years and each time a vehicle is chosen as the Green Car of the Year. According to the competition, this vehicle should “best exemplify leadership in environmental concerns” and “pioneer the way for mass-market fuel efficiency”.

This year, the 2013 Dodge Dart Aero is among the five vehicles chosen as finalists. The Dodge Dart is one of only two, conventional gasoline-engine powered, vehicles in the finalist group. It competes against a field full of hybrids and plug-in models. However, with its impressive EPA estimated rating of 41 MPG on the highway, we feel that it has a good shot at winning. It is by far the most affordable and livable option among the competition and here at Cumberland Chrysler Center, we think it looks like a very handsome sedan.


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