The New Cherokee Grows on Consumers

2014 Jeep CherokeeWhen pictures of the returning 2014 Jeep Cherokee were released, many of you were startled to see the transformation.  Instead of the beloved and traditional boxy Cherokee design, there was a curvy, aerodynamic crossover in its place.  However, most consumers have warmed up to the new design, and have finally realized that it is still a Jeep under all its shiny glamour.

Jeep Chief Mike Manly commented on the consumers initial response, “We knew the vehicle was forward looking, we knew that it was polarizing, and the other thing we knew is that when you get over your initial impression of it, more and more people come back and say, ‘You know I really like that design.  I have seen quite a significant swing from the initial reaction.”

The Jeep Cherokee has been redesigned to reflect its transition from a wholly off-road vehicle to one that offers exceptional on-road performance as well.  It will still be equipped with Jeep’s benchmark off-road capabilities though, so don’t worry!  The 2014 Jeep Cherokee will debut this week at the New York International Auto Show.

We sure do like the new look of the Cherokee, and we can’t wait to finally drive it.  Stop by our dealership, Cumberland Chrysler, in the next couple of months to take it for a test drive.


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