Breaking Bad Cars and Characters Part 2: Evolution

Last week on the Cumberland Chrysler Center blog, we analyzed some of the main characters and their vehicles of choice from the hit show Breaking Bad. Now we want to show how some of these characters have evolved and how their new vehicles reflect their changes. This will be our last post about the show so if you’re still going through Breaking Bad withdrawals, you’ll need to go somewhere else for your next fix (Spoilers for all seasons below). Otherwise, you can stick around and check out some of our other great posts.

Heisenberg's Chrysler 300 SRT8Heisenberg – You might have thought we’d forgotten the most sinister looking car in the show in our last post. If you thought so, you probably also think that Walter and Heisenberg are the same person. They aren’t. Hiesenberg is the person that Walter White becomes and no car better suits his personality than the Chrysler 300 SRT8. Gone are the days of sneaking around and hoping to fly under the radar. Once Walt buys the 300, he is fully committed. He doesn’t have to cover his back because nobody dares to touch him. Much like the 300 SRT8, Heisenberg is cool and calculated buy with an aggressive side that means business.

2013 Ford EdgeSkyler White – In the last few episodes of Breaking Bad, Skyler abandons her ’91 Jeep Grand Wagoneer for a Ford Edge. If you remember from our last post, her Jeep represented her hopes that their old life could be restored. Once she abandons the Jeep, we understand that she has truly moved on and realized that Walt isn’t coming back from all he has done.

2013 Dodge ChallengerFlynn – One of the first and fastest characters to transform, Flynn is the difficult teenage son of Walt and Skyler. Like most teens, he gives his parents a tough time and attempts to manipulate them to do what he wants. He even changes his name to Flynn and won’t respond to people who refer to him as Junior. In an attempt to get his son on “Team Heisenberg”, Walt buys Flynn a brand new Dodge Challenger. While this might not be the best first-car for a young driver, it shows the relationship between Flynn and Heisenberg. Theirs is a bond built on a father trying to buy his son’s favor with epic burnout machines.

Toyota TercelJesse Pinkman – Jesse’s character is one that many viewers have come to love. Interestingly enough, his character was set to be killed off early in the series but viewers liked him so much that the writers kept him around. As he matures as a person, he abandons his flamboyant low-rider for a much more subdued and sensible car. When he is in a pinch, he doesn’t blow his money on another frivolous car (he almost buys an El Camino) but instead buys the ’84 Toyota Tercel that really suits his new persona. This unsuspecting hatchback has the same scrappy, can-do attitude and personality that makes Jesse one of the most popular characters of the series.

Mike Ehrmentraut – Mike is the sort of guy who just gets his job done, every time, all the time. It’s no stretch of the imagination at all for this character to drive classic American sedans like the ’88 Chrysler Fifth Avenue he drives most of the time. All of his cars come from a time when men were men and work was something you do whether you like it or not. His cars are reliable and darn-near bullet proof while his cars seem to be in working order, you get the feeling he could fix them himself if they broke down.

Here at Cumberland Chrysler Center in Cookeville, TN we want to know who your favorite character was on Breaking Bad and what your favorite car was. Tell us in the comments section below.


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