Jeep Brings Back Special-Edition “Altitude” Models

Jeep Altitude ModelsTwo years ago, Jeep connected with its fans by letting them vote on the name of an ultra-popular Grand Cherokee concept it showed off at the Houston Auto Show. More than 100,000 entries were submitted, and the vehicle was subsequently named “Altitude.” Unfortunately, Jeep never intended to produce more than a limited number of the SUV, and it’s a rare sight to see an Altitude grace the road.

If you were one of the many who cried out for full, non-limited production version of the Altitude, Jeep has finally answered your call. Last week at the Houston Auto Show, the American automaker unveiled new special-edition “Altitude” models of the 2014 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler, each showing off a unique “blacked-out” exteriors and a distinct and aggressive character. They’re basically the stealth versions of the models you already know and love, and Jeep will be sending them off to the showrooms later this spring for sale.

Which is exactly when we expect we’ll see you at the Cumberland Chrysler dealership.


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