Geneva Motor Show Gives Us ‘Baby Jeep’

Jeep Renegade Trail RatedAt the recent Geneva Motor Show, Jeep unveiled what many are calling a “baby Jeep.” This doesn’t mean a Jeep for your kids, but a small compact SUV called the Jeep Renegade.

The small Renegade was made to help expand the Jeep brand globally. In fact, it’s being promoted as “designed in American and built in Italy.” It will make its production debut in Europe this summer and should make its way to our shores later this year.

In Europe, the Renege will be offered with both gasoline and diesel engine. However, both will be paired with Chrysler’s nine-speed automatic transmission. The Jeep will have a manual transmission available.

To show its off-road readiness, it will only come with four-wheel drive and will even have a Trailhawk “trail-rated” version available for heavier off-road use.

And, in true Jeep fashion, there is an available My Sky roof with two removable panels. They can also simply be retracted, like a sunroof.

We can’t wait to add the 2015 Jeep Renegade to our lineup here at Cumberland Chrysler Center.


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