Chrysler Begins Nine-Speed Transmission Production

2014 Ram 1500Chrysler Group’s manufacturing team has a new member—the new Tipton Transmission Plant, which launched the production of Chrysler’s new fuel-efficient nine-speed transmission today. During a ceremony at the plant, Sergio Marchionne, Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group, discussed how vital the Tipton plant will be for Chrysler’s prosperity:

“My confidence is rooted firmly in the knowledge that those of you who work in this area have shown a consistent dedication to delivering products with outstanding quality,” said Marchionne. “You have embraced the principles of World Class Manufacturing, which is enabling us to compete with the best manufacturers in the world. You are the authors of a major success story, creating a great turnaround and making it possible to create the need for this new plant in Tipton.”

The American carmaker will be gaining the 782,000 square-foot facility in Indiana and invest $162 million to create another assembly site for the nine-speed transmission. From this acquisition, 850 new jobs will be created by the end of 2015, almost four times the amount number of employees that currently work there.

Chrysler has invested more than $1.6 billion since June 2009, hiring more than 2,600 people in Indiana for the production of the nine-speed transmissions with plans to increase these investments even more in the future.


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