Putting Children in Harm’s Way: A Joyride Gone Wrong

The thrill of the drive, the power, the responsibility, the maturity, everything seems so appealing. Most teens cannot wait to turn 16 and get their license so they can have that sense of freedom and can drive around whenever they want. Well in Utah, this teen just couldn’t wait and decided to go on a joyride a few years too early. A 14-year-old boy had taken his grandfather’s white Hyundai Veloster and decided to go on a little joy ride through a community. The police were looking for the missing car and had yet to discover it when the boy decided to speed through a park where young children were playing.

About 15 children were playing in the park where the young boy was going around 60 MPH and came very close to hitting the children who jumped out of the way in fear of their lives. Finally, a parent of one the children at the park, Bryson Rowley, decided this was enough, he got into his RAM pickup truck and took matters into his own hands. When he saw the boy coming back into the neighborhood again, he drove his truck head on into the white Hyundai stopped the boy from driving and potentially hurting children. The boy is now facing charges for his acts. Rowley stated that he didn’t think twice about putting himself in harm’s way, he just knew the boy needed to be stopped.

Rowley not only put himself in harm’s way, but also damaged his truck too. The community did not let him pay for the damage to show their thanks for protecting their children. A car company, Fusion Bumpers, also donated a replacement bumper to the cause. At Cumberland Chrysler, our main priority is safe driving and we are thankful to everyone who makes the roads a better place to drive.


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