Chrysler Adds 6 New Board of Directors Bringing Total to 13

Chrysler Steering Wheel
Having the power to make important decisions is a large responsibility. Having the power to make decisions for an OEM like Chrysler, that is an incredible amount of responsibility. Earlier this week, Chrysler named six new members to its board of directors. The announcement was made after the directors had already taken their seats and Steenland’s term expired.

Adding these six individuals brings the board of directors to 13 members and includes both Fiat and Chrysler executives. The former CEO for Phillip Morris International, Hermann Waldemer, will replace the former CEO of Northwest Airline, Douglas Steenland. Steenland joined Chrysler’s board of directors in July of 2009. The other five members who were appointed to the board were all executives from Chrysler or Fiat. Reid A. Bigland who is the head of Chrysler’s US Sales, CEO of Chrysler Canada and President and CEO of Ram is a new member this June. Giorgio Fossati who is part of Fiat’s general counsel became a member along with Richard Palmer, the CFO of Chrysler and Fiat. The other two new members include, Michael Keegan, the senior vice president of human resources and corporate sustainability and Michael Manley, the chief operating officer of Fiat and the Asia Pacific region of Chrysler, lead executive for international operations, and president and CEO of the Jeep Brand.

At Cumberland Chrysler, we are very excited about the new changes and cannot wait to see what the addition to the board of directors does for the company!


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