Chrysler Changes Puts Pressure on Competition, Increases Sales

Jeep Rubicon

Like any other business, if you want to be successful in the car industry, it’s important to build customer loyalty. After years of struggling after bankruptcy, Chrysler has finally re-established itself in the auto world. The American carmaker hasn’t just increased sales for the 53rd straight month—it has been slowly, but surely, taking more and more customers from its competitors.

In July alone, Jeep sales increased 44%, while Ram pickup trucks saw an increase of 19%. According to Chuck Eddy, a Chrysler dealer in Youngstown, Ohio, the customers that come to his dealership aren’t looking for a deal on second-rate cars anymore—now, they are trading in cars from brands like Toyota for the new Chryslers. The only other competitor expected to report an August sales increase is Nissan.

With the amount of attention the Chrysler Group is receiving lately from consumers, it’s no wonder that the carmaker’s competition is starting to feel the pressure. For a glimpse into why Chrysler is beginning to see new customer loyalty, stop in to the Cumberland Chrysler Center today!


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