Chrysler Group Takes Nine Awards at 24th Annual Texas Truck Rodeo

Texas Truck Rodeo

Everything isn’t just bigger in Texas—it also looks like everything is Chrysler in Texas, too. The American carmaker recently received nine awards at the 24th annual Texas Truck Rodeo for a variety of its vehicles, showing that when it comes to choosing its next vehicle, Texas chooses Chrysler.

The Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA), which runs the Rodeo and chooses the award recipients, voted after a two-day competition involving both on-road and off-road evaluations that test design, utility, value, and technology. In the end, Chrysler won in every group it was entered in, with the Jeep Grand Cherokee being named the “SUV of Texas” for the fifth year in a row and many other Chrysler vehicles being recognized.

“We are extremely delighted and proud that for the fifth consecutive year, the respected and influential Texas auto writers have named the Jeep Grand Cherokee the SUV of Texas,” said Mike Manley President and CEO of Chrysler’s Jeep Brand. “Even more impressive is the fact that Jeep vehicles won every single category in which they were entered, and we recognized for their unmatched 4×4 capability, fuel economy, luxury, and overall performance.”

For a list of the winners, click here. If you’re interested in seeing the award-winning vehicles yourself, make sure you stop in to Cumberland Chrysler Center today!


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