Learning about and Fixing Foggy Windows

Fixing Foggy Windows

How many times have you headed to work in the morning and suddenly become trapped in a fortress of foggy, opaque glass? You might be lucky enough to have a vehicle with an automatic climate control system that can sense humidity and de-fog automatically. If you are, lucky you—most of us have to wrestle with the defrost dial until we can see anything.

To learn why this happens and how to correct it, we checked out this article from USA Today and Cars.com.

First of all, there are two ways a window can fog up: condensation on the inside, or condensation on the outside. Condensation on the inside is most common and happens when the warm, moist air inside hits the cold glass. To fix this, either roll down your windows and drop the temperature inside the car, or turn on the defrosters (front and rear) and the heat to warm the glass. You might be tempted to keep wiping the windshield with your sleeve, but that will only make the glass dirtier—and dirty glass fogs up more often.

When condensation appears on the outside of your windows, turn down your A/C, turn up the heat, roll down your windows, and keep using your windshield wipers until your view clears.

In both situations, you want dry air instead of humid air, so don’t recirculate. That will only reintroduce the same air you’re trying to get rid of. Keep this in mind next time you suffer from foggy windows. That way, you can safely drive to see us at Cumberland Chrysler Center.


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