Ram EcoDiesel Engines Provide Improved Fuel Economy for New Truck Buyers

Ram EcoDiesel Engines

The Chrysler Group has a good-natured word of caution to all of you out there who are rushing to by the most expensive, least efficient models on the market again now that gas prices are lower—and that word is “wait.” As the unbelievably low gas prices around the country show, in fact, the oil industry is incredibly unpredictable. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

One thing we can guarantee, though: the new Ram EcoDiesel engines will be a worthy investment, no matter what happens to gas prices. While diesel fuel is currently a bit more expensive than regular gasoline, when your full-size truck can get 29 mpg on the highway that doesn’t much matter. “The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel delivers dominant fuel efficiency across five configurations and nine trims,” said Mike Cairns, Director – Ram Truck Engineering. “The Quad Cab is a widely purchased configuration which delivers the best aero benefit of any half-ton truck.”

That 29 mpg highway mark? That’s a full twelve percent higher than any other full-size truck on the market today. Ram is so far out in front of the competition at the moment, they can’t even taste the (very efficient) dust of the new Ram EcoDiesel trucks. These new vehicles, called the Ram EcoDiesel HFE (for high fuel efficiency), will be available soon, so check back in with us at Cumberland Chrysler Center very soon!


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