FCA’s Super Bowl Ads Bring Laughter and Inspiration

Super Bowl ads can often be hit and miss, and the more you produce, the more you open yourself up to being in the later camp.

Incredibly, all three commercials from the Fiat Chrysler Alliance managed to hit rather than miss. Perhaps even more impressive is that none of them borrowed from the same formula—one is funny, another inspirational, and the last… well, it’s hard to describe. Let’s just say there are a lot of old people.

Just like movies or books, we think commercials should be appreciated without spoilers. So we won’t go at length describing the ads—we’ll just put them all at the bottom of this post for your convenience and enjoyment.

How to thank us? Well, how about a visit to the Chrysler Cumberland Center and letting us know what you thought of the ads and the vehicles in them?

If not, we’ll settle for a comment!



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