Mopar Takes King of the Hammers Competition: World-Class Off-Road Racing

Showcasing the best of the best in off-road racing, the King of the Hammers competition featured some truly rugged designs. Mopar supplied one team with exclusive parts, showing competitors exactly what Chrysler’s high-performance division can do.

According to Chrysler, the 9th annual King of the Hammers race is an off-road event that combines dirt trails and rock crawling, divided into four classes. The Mopar Gen. III Hemi engine was used to power a unique Spec. class 4×4 vehicle, driven by professional racer Ricky Johnson. This mud-slinging, custom-built model is constructed using a Wrangler frame and is outfitted with Mopar accessories as well as custom-built parts.

“The Mopar-powered Spec. car and class has been extremely well received and successful,” said David Cole, Executive Director of ULTRA4 Racing Series. “Not only is it bringing new people into the sport at an affordable price, but the vehicle is competitive and durable, providing an exceptional and turnkey experience.”l

The 215 mile race was taken by Johnson and his son, Luke, with only 17 entries actually finishing the grueling race. If this doesn’t prove Mopar’s incredible quality, then we don’t know what does. Check out a new Wrangler at Cumberland Chrysler Center soon!


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