Dodge to Star on Silver-Screen; Furious 7 Challenger and Charger to Feature

Dodge gets to flex its muscle for the premier of the latest Fast and Furious sequel; “Furious 7” which comes to theaters April 3rd. Like the previous car-centric movies, this latest installment will feature an adrenaline packed lineup of new and classic cars including the 707hp Charger Hellcat SRT and Viper GTS. None of these cars will eclipse the two stars of the show however; the muscular candy red 2015 Dodge Charger and the venerable green and black 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T.

These two street-screamers will be seen driven by Hollywood superstars, dropping from airplanes, swerving through hails of bullets, and sprinting through so many adrenaline-pumping chases you’ll be reaching for a seatbelt. Per Dodge and Universal Pictures agreement, both cars will be featured in commercials for the movie and a special companion section of the Dodge website is available for stats on the actual Furious 7 Challenger and Chargers used in the movie as well as the various characters who appear on screen.

Dodge has been a regular in the series since the first movie in 2001, mostly showcasing its vintage muscle cars driven by Vin Diesel. See the movie and then head over to Cumberland Chrysler Center to check out the film’s biggest stars; the 2015 Charger the Dodge Challenger.


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