The All-New Chrysler 300S Sure To Get People Talking Again

Chrysler 300S

What happens when you add a certain letter of the alphabet to a certain Chrysler automobile? Apparently, you attract a younger buyer, averaging around 48 years old rather than 61 years old.

The all-new Chrysler 300S is “a more balanced, upscale version of the 300,” according to USA Today. The S accounts for nearly half of all 300 sales. People can’t resist the hyper-cool “Hyper black” 20-inch rims and the overall “blacked-out” look.

However, it’s largely the performance aspects of the new Chrysler 300S that attracts buyers. The sedan offers two engine configurations. The first is a V6 Pentastar, good for 300 horsepower. There’s also the V8 Hemi, putting 363 ponies on the ground.

Ten years ago, the Chrysler 300S dominated conversations involving high-quality performance sedans. In those days, “it was being treated by buyers as if it were a luxury car,” says USA Today.

Al Gardner, CEO of Chrysler brand, wants the fans from back then to know that he hasn’t forgotten about them. “We want to go and get them back again,” he says. Well, if you build it Al, they will come.


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