3 Best Road Trip Games to Play This Summer

Best Road Trip Games

As road trip season quickly approaches, we thought we’d share some of our all-time favorite games for keeping the whole family entertained and engaged. While many cars today can come equipped with convenient in-car entertainment systems, we might not all be so lucky. In case you’re looking for a few ideas to make your next road trip a fun one, here is our list of best road trip games.

I Spy

I Spy is an all-time classic. Players take turns choosing an object, and saying “I spy with my little eye something that is….” and names the color, or shape, or first letter of the object’s name. Everyone else in the car should take turns making their best guesses. Make sure everyone chooses objects that will be visible for several minutes (a car moving the other direction or a sign just ahead probably isn’t fair game).

20 Questions

20 Questions is another classic, and doesn’t include the world’s most annoying “are we there yet?” question. Start by choosing two or three categories that everyone will have to stay within. For example: pets, clothing, or transportation; or person, place or thing (to make it more challenging). The first person to go should choose one thing that falls into one of those categories. Then, everyone in the car should take turns asking yes or no questions to narrow down the answer. Once someone thinks they have the answer, they should guess. Only 20 questions are allowed before the answer must be revealed.

License Plates

Bring a piece of paper to keep score for this game. There are a number of ways to play, so get creative, and change things up. Begin by choosing a time-frame (will the game last for the entire trip, or just two hours?). Then have each person call out different states as they see them, and notate those on the paper. First one to get one for each letter of the alphabet, wins!

Here at Cumberland Chrysler Center, we want to know: what is your favorite road trip game? Tell us in the comments!

For more kid-friendly games on-the-go, visit minitime.com.


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