Driving with Pets in Summer

driving with pets in summer

Driving with your pets can be stressful, whether you’re going on a long trip just taking them to the V-E-T (shh!). However, driving with pets in summer or any extreme temperatures requires you to be even more conscientious, so here are some tips to keep your furry friend comfortable.

First: follow the laws. They’re in place for a reason! If something is against the law, like leaving your pet in a car by itself (in some states), it’s probably because it’s not safe or humane for your pet to be kept in those conditions.

Also, as tempting as it might be to let your dog stick his head out the window in the warm weather, animals should not be allowed to ride this way. It’s very dangerous, as the dog could be hit in the face by debris and his lungs and ears could be damaged.

Make sure your air conditioning is in good shape! Besides keeping your pet super hydrated, it’s also important to keep them cool. They are covered in hot fur, after all!

For these and more tips from the American Humane Association for driving with your furry friends, click here.


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