Safety Tips: How to Drive in Fog

how to drive in fog

Severe fog is considered the most dangerous driving situation, and causes the highest number of multi-car pileups, so it’s important to know how to drive in fog and avoid common mistakes.

One of the most important things to remember about driving in fog is that fog tricks your eyes. It makes you think you’re going slower than you really are, so people often speed up when driving in fog. Don’t do this! Pay attention to your speedometer and go the speed limit at most, though it’s safest to slow down a bit more.

It’s important to keep your lights on when driving in fog so that other cars can see you. Even if it makes it harder to see, you don’t want to be invisible. Don’t turn on your brights—this doesn’t help with anyone’s visibility—but don’t just leave it to your daytime running lights, either.

Keep an eye on the lines of the road so you don’t drift into other lanes or unconsciously steer toward the lights of other cars. And keep your distance from other cars—it’s harder to perceive distance in the fog, which is why it’s so easy to rear-end someone.


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