How To Drive In A Flash Flood

how to drive in a flash flood

The danger of flash floods is that they can happen so suddenly. That means you can be out and about and in your vehicle at the time. If you ever find yourself wondering whether to try and drive through floodwaters, the experts at have some advice:

“The single worst decision you can make in a flash flood is driving your vehicle into floodwaters of unknown depth.”

Maybe because we’ve seen it in the movies or because few of us have physics degrees, people will inevitably try to drive their vehicle through the water. Would you do it if you knew that 6 inches of water is high enough to reach the bottom of most passenger cars?

Double that amount of water and you’ve got enough water to make your vehicle float. Since cars are not boats, you have absolutely no control over your vehicle once it is floating. If the water is twice as high as that, at two feet, that’s enough water to carry away large SUVs and pickup trucks.

So, as far as how to drive in a flash flood, the best answer is don’t do it. If you must, find a way to determine how deep the water is first.


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