Chrysler Unveils New Pacifica Minivan

Minivans are a segment that the auto industry has all but abandoned in today’s day and age. Once the iconic family car, they’ve largely been replaced with SUVs. However, while other auto makers have been focusing on churning out sporty sedans and trendy crossovers, Chrysler has seen an opportunity in the nearly-empty minivan segment — which no longer has any competitors. That’s why Chrysler has unveiled the new Pacifica minivan, an innovative new entry to the segment that is attracting attention back to the minivan class.

The Pacifica takes its name from another previous entry in the brand’s lineup. Debuting back in the 2000s, the original Pacifica was less of a minivan and more of a crossover wagon. Chrysler wanted to name to reflect a fresh take on minivans, instead of going with another nameplate already in their lineup, such as the Town & Country.

While the 2017 Pacifica may feature a sleeker look than minivans of the past, Chrysler also didn’t lose sight of the family-friendly practicality central to the philosophy of the minivan. The Pacifica will deliver a more spacious interior than vehicles of the SUV class, a built-in vacuum cleaner, and offer a plug-in hybrid variant capable of the equivalent of 80 mpg.

The new Pacifica minivan will be available spring 2016, with the hybrid version debuting later this year. Other features include a rear seat entertainment system, 20-inch wheels, and automatic parking.


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