Cummins Falls State Park: Enjoy Tennessee’s Natural Beauty

Cummins Falls State Park

Tennessee is known for its beautiful nature. We at Cumberland Chrysler Center are proud to live and work in a state which offers diverse and varied landscape, family-friendly recreational activities, and hundreds of educational programming options.

Tennessee has many state parks that are open to the public every day throughout the year. There is a great variety in parks, from cypress swamps, to rich forests, and rugged mountains.

One of our favorite parks to explore is Cummins Falls State Park. This is an idyllic yet rugged 211-acre park located north of Cookeville. Since it is situated in the Cordell Hull Watershed area, there is a scenic spot and swimming area. Cummins Falls is the eighth-largest waterfall (based upon volume) in Tennessee and is 75 feet high.

There is a gorge area which is unaltered by humans. Both the gorge and the waterfall can only be accessed on foot, and the scenery along the hike is breathtaking. However, take caution when hiking, as the trail can become steep and slippery. The trail includes natural features such as water crossings, boulders, and other obstacles.

We encourage you to take a picnic to eat at the picnic area at the trailhead, before or after you hike. Enjoy all that Tennessee has to offer, especially Cummins Falls State Park.


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