Jim Gaffigan Stars in Chrysler Pacifica Ad Campaign

Pacifica ad campaign

Minivans, despite falling out of style in recent years, are just as much an emblem of soccer-mom suburbia nowadays as they were during their heydey in the 90s. Now that Chrysler is trying to take advantage of the lack of competitors in the segment with the new Pacifica, the brand is doing its best to broaden the appeal of the minivan to attract a more widespread variety of customers. Their first target? Dads. Jim Gaffigan is the face of the new Chrysler Pacifica ad campaign, which appeals to dads everywhere that minivans aren’t just a mom thing.

Historically, minivans have been stereotyped as being purely associated with women. Most people have a mental image of vans being stuffed full of groceries after a suburban housewife’s grocery shopping spree. However, Gaffigan, creator of TV Land’s “The Jim Gaffigan Show,” spearheads a series of online and TV ads that highlight all the features and functions of the new Chrysler Pacifica — and why “considerate, caring” fathers should put the Pacifica on their must-have list.

Chrysler conceptualized the ad campaign in order to draw attention to the fact that the Pacifica is a minivan for a new generation of parents, a generation in which both parents work and take care of the children equally. Olivier Francois, the chief marketing officer of FCA, says that Gaffigan was chosen because he represents the modern parent.

“He has five children — all five in a 3-12 age range typical of minivan buyers,” said Francois in a press release. “He is married to his business partner wife. They both work full-time. They have an active schedule with their children, and they are always on the go. We were not looking for just a famous face. We were looking for the epitome of the American minivan family, and Jim brings both.”

The Chrysler Pacifica ad campaign insists that minivans aren’t just for mom or for dad — they’re for the modern American family. The idea was to challenge conventions and make a father the proud driver of the Pacifica minivan.


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