Jeep on the Rocks Concert

Jeep on the Rocks

Love Jeep? Love music? Lucky you, both of those things will be combined in the Jeep on the Rocks concert series.

The concerts, presented by iHeartRadio, will take place on October 7th. So, you’ll have a little time to prepare! Tickets are on sale now, though, so grab ‘em while they’re hot!

So, who’s headlining this year? Drumroll, please… Bastille!

This year’s concert series will take place at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. It’ll be celebrating the 75th anniversary of not only Jeep, but the Red Rocks brand.

Not only will Bastille headline, but Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness will perform, too. Plus, if you’re a Jeep owner, you have some perks! You’ll have special parking in the designated “Jeep Only” parking areas.

“This concert has always been a thrilling evening for the Jeep brand and we look forward to celebrating the 75th anniversary of both Red Rocks and the Jeep brand this October,” said Steve Yandura, Director of Denver Business Center, FCA US LLC.

You can reserve seats at to prepare for all the fun!


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