Cumberland Chrysler Congratulates Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski Celebrates Sprint Cup Series WinJust last week, Brad Keselowski along with Penske Racing and Dodge won his first NASCAR championship title in the number 2 car. This represents a huge victory for all three parties as it represents the first championship win for Roger Penske since he entered stock car racing 40 years ago. The win also represents the first Championship Cup title for manufacturer sponsor, Dodge, since Richard Petty’s win in 1975.

This comes as an excellent parting gift between Dodge, Keselowski, and Penske and the manufacturer has recently decided to withdraw from NASCAR racing at the end of this season. What better way to end a great partnership and a great season than with a championship win!

Penske complimented Dodge after the win by saying, “Not one failure all year long in that Dodge engine, so I want to thank Dodge for what they’ve done for us.”

Dodge, SRT, Penske, and Keselowski celebrate Sprint Cup Victory