Road Trip Hacks

Road trip hacks

When you’re embarking on a summer road trip, you want it to be fun, not painful. Here are some road trip hacks to make your trip even more fun.

Start Saving

You’ll want to start saving road trip cash up way before you go. That way, anything you’re spending is what you’ve already set aside for the trip.

Check Your Tires

You want to make sure your tire pressure is just right so that you don’t have to suffer through any flats our blow-outs. Check your owner’s manual for proper PSI so you can adjust your tires before a big trip.

Have a Travel Kit

Make sure you have all the essentials, like a jack, an emergency blanket, maps, a first aid kit, a wrench, and anything else you’ll need for common road emergencies.

Download Some Apps

Download convenience apps like gas apps which tell you where to find the cheapest gas. You can also download any other apps that might help you, like ones that show you where to find food or where police cars are hiding.

Book Hotels in Advance

You’ll get hotels for a much cheaper rate if you book them ahead of time. Look up hotels or motels along your route and call in advance.